Five Reasons To Get A Professional Family Portrait

Family Portrait Photography – 5 Reasons Why You Should Have one

Family Portraits Are Timeless

Family Portrait Photography
If there was ever a moment in our lives, when every member of our family was present with us, holding hands together, a moment that was filled with joy and happiness, wouldn’t we want to revisit that moment again and again in our lives? We all have, but one lifetime and limited amount of time, family is and will always be our source of strength during hard times, and even a reminder of that perfect moment can help us move forward during tough times.

Before hiring a professional portrait photographer, the following questions may arise:

  • Why should I get a family portrait in the first place?
  • Why spend money, when I already have a camera on my smartphone?


Recently I was lucky enough to have a chat with Melissa from iPortrait Photography Brisbane, you can learn more from her site here – She is a professional photographer specializing in portraits for families and newborn babies and we discussed five reasons why having a family portrait is a great investment.

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Although there are a lot of merits of getting a professional family portrait, listed below are five reasons to get a professional portrait for your family:

1. A Professional Family Portrait Tells A Story:

It is the nature of our mind to associate memories with objects we own, an old television set can be a reminder of the beautiful childhood we spent with our family watching our favorite shows, an old video game can be the reminder of the happy times we spent with our friends during school, similarly, a professional family portrait can bring back the beautiful memories of the past, when all our family members were with us, how they looked in the past, how much we love our family etc., this can help us get through tough times. If we could look at that moment every single day, wouldn’t we want it to be perfect? A professional photographer can bring life to the moment that will remain with us forever.

2. Experience Of A Professional:

A professional photographer understands the various aspects of a family portrait, It’s not just about, “click, click, thank you very much”, a professional will help create the perfect ambiance, lighting effects, backgrounds etc., the portrait is here to stay forever and every family member must look like “the rockstar” of the day. A professional will also take care of other aspects such as retouching, using special software to make sure that everyone looks perfect.

3. Professional Family Portraits Are Timeless:

As the time progresses, appearances will change, kids will grow old, our hair will become grey and the list goes on. In a nutshell, our family will not remain the same as it is today and beautiful memory of our family in the form of a professional portrait, can help us revisit the past in a glance. Whether inviting the neighbors on a formal dinner or meeting family members in a reunion, with a professional portrait, we can show off our family in style, revisit the happy times or remember a lost member of the family.

4. When Living Away From Our Family Members:

In today’s era, family members have to live away from each other due to work, education and other compulsions. Sometimes we even have to move to a different country in order to earn a living, it is during those moments of loneliness and nostalgia, that we can look back at our family portrait and remember about all the people who love us back home, who care about us and all the good times that we have spent with them.

5. The Priceless Moment:

If we surprise our family with the gift of a professional photograph, it will help strengthening the bonds between our family members, help increasing the love and affection. This is the priceless moment and the happy memories associated with it will remain forever. We go on wasting our money on phones, televisions, cars etc., while cars can be rebuild, moments cannot and having that priceless moment, in the form of a professional portrait, that will remain with us forever, that has in it, all the people we love and care for, all the happy moments of our lives in a nutshell, is a very small price to pay as compared to the joy that it brings to our lives.


It’s now or never, we always keep on procrastinating about things that we do not consider important, but imagine a time 30 years from now, when your grandchildren will ask about their family history and your children will proudly be able to show them a professional portrait, with all the relatives together in a happy moment.

A professional can help create that moment right now, a portrait in which nobody is left behind the lens, which has been perfectly mastered to preserve your family’s memory forever.

Thanks, Lisa.

How To Become A Professional Baby Photographer

Six Steps to Becoming A Professional Baby Photographer

Become A Professional Baby Photographer

The birth of a baby is a momentous and precious occasion that any particular family would wish to capture. Right from the maternity bed, parents also want to capture every moment of the baby’s development right from the first hours of the baby’s life. Baby photography, therefore, can come with a vast number of surprises, especially if the photographer is not a parent. Considering the fact that the photographer will be dealing with very young subjects who may not know be able to act other than natural in front of the camera, they need to have an unquestionable reputation. This is also necessary to enable them know how to deal with the baby’s parents. Actually the difficulty mainly lies on how to get the right shot as these babies are always constantly on movement. So, here are six basic steps to becoming a successful baby photographer.

Six Steps - Baby Photography

1. Learn how to take pictures – Sounds Funny But True

There are two most basic ways through which one can learn how to take pictures:

  • By studying photography in high school, trade schools, colleges and through private instruction
  • By studying commercial photography that will help one know how to capture exactly what clients need. It is worth noting that taking portraits is totally different from taking artistic photographs because there is a business or commercial value attached to each of the two types of pictures.


2. Invest in good equipment

A good baby photographer must be able to invest in high-quality camera. Though professional-grade cameras are very expensive, they are very vital for the job. A god number of different makes and models are available in the market, including flashes, batteries, tripod amongst other necessary materials. It is worth trying out different models so as to find the one that feels comfortable working with.

3. Develop good customer service skills

Every parent will only want to engage with someone they feel is trustworthy, friendly and able to treat their baby with compassion and care. A skilled photographer must learn to accept criticism. He or she must always be on the ball and very clear with clients. Clients are likely to pass on the good word to their family and friends about a good photographic service that has been rendered to them. Good customer service also means replying promptly to clients emails and delivering contracts in time.

4. Get adequate experience around babies

Before a parent let a photographer near their child, they will probably want to get assured that the photographer can be trusted. It is possible to gain enough experience by studying under someone who’s had enough experience as a child photographer. Working as an intern with an experience child photographer for a few months will help you get exposure and develop the basic skills that will assist you when dealing with a wide range of different babies.

5. Build a portfolio by advertising and marketing yourself as a baby photographer

For one to be categorised as a professional baby photographer, potential clients and employers must have been impressed with his or her work. It is possible to win the confidence of both employers and clients by:

  • Taking pictures of any babies of friends and family members. As long as they get copies of the prints, they will probably give you the go-ahead
  • Include some samples of the posed portraits, including candid shots


It is possible to promote oneself by building a website or using social network sites to showcase samples of the photos.

6. Start your own business

Armed with professional equipment, adequate experience, good customer service skills and a broad base of popularity, one can then start to offer photography services on a freelance basis. It is possible to create a studio at home – a spare room or basement can work. The adopted promotional methods can then be used to build a strong client base. In addition, creativity, strong grasp of artistic elements such as colour, sharp eye for detail and good interpersonal skills are also very crucial.

Baby Photography Tips

My Final Thoughts

Generally, baby photography is truly a rewarding job, especially for those who are good with kids and enjoy challenges. It is also a booming business as, every single day, parents are motivated to get photographs of their babies. However, nothing short of unquestionable professionalism can make one succeed in this field and end up being a sought-after baby photographer.